Cindy Black


Campaign Director,, 206-552-3287

Cindy Black currently serves as our campaign Chair. She served as the WAmend Secretary during the I-735 signature gathering campaign, and also worked on I-1329 in 2014. Prior to that, she was a grassroots organizer for I-522 to label GMOs. Her involvement as an activist was spurred on by a desire to see her grandchildren grow up in a more sustainable and just world. She is also a small business owner and veteran, and believes it’s our civic duty to stand up to the moneyed influences corrupting our democracy and give power back to the people.  



Tiffani McCoy


Field Director,, 206-822-1812.

Tiffani worked as the State Field Organizer for the signature gathering portion of Initiative 735 and now serves in the role of Field Director. She brings over six years of organizing experience to the campaign. As a Pacific Northwest native, she returned after finishing graduate school for a Masters in International Affairs and a Masters in Women’s Studies on the East Coast. Tiffani looks forward to continuing to work closely with the incredible volunteer network across the state as the campaign embarks on educating the voting public on Initiative 735.




Matthew Streib

Communications Director,, 509-987-5855.

Matthew brings over 12 years of media and communications experience, both domestic and international. He believes strongly in the American democratic process, and enjoys working on a campaign that secures equality and fairness in elections. He also makes stained glass windows.




Georgia Davenport

Organizer,, 970-799-3353.georgia.jpg

Georgia Davenport brings years of organizing, canvassing, and management experience to I-735. She worked on the Congressional Campaign of Martin Heinrich in New Mexico. She helped train other canvassers and doorbelled thousands of houses on that campaign. More recently, she was a volunteer with the Bernie campaign. She organized delegate training, ran phone banking events, tabled, ran canvassing training using minivan, she held PCO signup events, and ran an entire caucus as an Area Caucus Coordinator. She is has two degrees in graphic design and web development.



Steven Nash



I grew up in Centralia Washington and studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Throughout the last 10 years I've had a deep interest in economics and politics but am new to the world of activism. I have to credit Bernie Sander's inspirational campaign for motivating me to take action and get involved in taking back our government from the big money interests that pull the strings. I-735 Goes straight to the root of the problem, and i am very excited to be able to contribute.  I am now pursuing a degree in economics and political science. 



Executive Committee


Linda Brewster

WAmend/I-735 Chair

I grew up in Canada, but moved after graduate school to the United States. After 20 years without a political voice, when I became a citizen in 2000, I vowed to roll up my sleeves for the changes I wanted to see. As a psychologist, I abhor the role insurance companies play in the health care I was able to offer my patients and the pre-existing conditions they were saddled with. It was clear to me that big money (and the political leverage that purchases in the US) was impacting the care people were allowed.


Dave Jette


WAmend/I-735 Secretary

Dave Jette is a retired medical physicist, and has been involved in progressive political work since being radicalized by the Vietnam War. Last year he served as treasurer of WAmend, and this year is its secretary. Dave is strongly involved in the I-735 campaign because it challenges the political control of our society by the “1%”, and he looks forward in the coming years to building an effective statewide grassroots organization to promote democracy in our electoral system.




Stacy.jpgStacy Cossey

Stacy Cossey is the volunteer Spokane Organizer for WAmend.  She was an active signature gatherer in last year’s campaign and this year is organizing volunteers as well as signature gathering.  Stacy was a Financial Consultant for 27 years at a major Wall Street firm.  It was the  sub-prime crisis that helped her see the game behind Wall Street’s hype which inspired her to get all of her clients out of the market before the 08-09 crash.  Coming to terms with a reality that was significantly different than the story Wall Street has told was personally and professionally profound.  Now she feels that gathering signatures and educating is just about the best therapy out there!



Linda BockLindaBock.jpg

Linda Bock was born and raised in the southeastern part of the United States and is happy to be a transplant from the right coast to the left coast. Her work with I-735 is her first major foray into the world of politics and was top signature gatherer, collecting over 21,000 signatures! Every day working with WAmend she is constantly reminded of Margaret Mead’s words to “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." She is truly one of those committed citizens.




Annie Phillips

Annie Phillips owns a guesthouse in Burien.  Ten years ago, she retired from her job at the Dept of Ecology, where she worked to convince the public to be stewards of clean water. It was a natural evolution from her environmental career, to working to reduce the influence of special interests such as Big Oil and Big Ag on legislation.




Toni StefnikToniStefnik.jpg


Toni is captain and leader in Kitsap County. She has worked tirelessly on both I-1329 and I-735. She has been a strong voice on the Executive and Steering Committees and a true voice for the grassroots efforts happening around the state. Toni is also a proud parent of a son on active duty in the military.




Norm ConradNormConrad.jpg


Former chair of the corporate personhood/clean elections committee for's Seattle Council and former Co-ordinator/Organizer for the reported #1 council in MoveOn  Co-founder of WAmend and chair of the committee that wrote I-735. He was instrumental in helping write the initiative language and is a great source of historical and constitutional information. 




Steve ZemkeSteveZemke.jpg

Steve worked was very active during the signature gathering effort, and became our field director in the final months of signature gathering. He has been instrumental in providing insight and ideas for the campaign and helping us get the signatures needed to make it on the ballot. He continues to provide leadership and guidance during this phase of the campaign.




Leaders Around the State



Jane Jaehning

I have been living on Whidbey Island with my husband for many years now.  Kids are grown.  I am originally from Michigan. We have lived in Saipan, Taiwan, China and many years in Alaska.  I have been active in local political campaigns and with the progressive group on Whidbey: Citizens Ignited Against Citizens United.   I petitioned for the previous failed initiative effort.  In my spare time I am a pediatric physical therapist now leaning in to retirement.  We are avid bicyclists.




Dianne.jpgDianne Diamond

I was one of those computer activists since I saw my first petition back in 1994.  After retiring and moving to Port Townsend, I became co-chair of our local MoveOn council and got to experience the joy, power and work of on-the-ground activism.  It was the antidote to despair.  I joined the efforts of our local Move to Amend affiliate in 2012, a team that obtained an endorsement from the City Council of Port Townsend and the Jefferson County Commissioners, making them the first city and the first county in Washington to endorse the amendment to reverse Citizens United.  When our state legislators failed 2 years running to take this measure out of committee, it became clear an initiative was our only option.  My biggest hope is that more and more people will become signature gatherers.  We could meet our signature goals if we had the army of volunteers to reach our fellow voters.



Jonathan TongJonathan_Tong.jpg

Jonathan Tong is a public high school teacher and coordinator for the Seattle chapter of Move to Amend.  He was also one of the founding members of the Get Money Out of Politics working group of Occupy Seattle.  He is Faith Outreach Coordinator for the I-735 campaign, and his family attends Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church in Beacon Hill.  





Janet.jpgJanet Siano

Janet Siano moved from N.J. to Washington after retiring from teaching two years ago to be near her grandchildren in Tacoma. She became involved with Wamend as a member of The League of Women Voters while researching for a presentation she gave on Citizens United for her Gig Harbor unit meeting in May.She finds working with like-minded people on I-735 to be refreshing, meaningful and a whole lot of fun.




SAN JUAN COUNTYDavid_Turnoy.jpg

David Turnoy
David Turnoy, age 63, married and with two grown sons.  Occupation: bottled water truck driver; elementary school teacher, now retired from full time teaching but still subbing, volunteering in local school, tutoring, and mentoring.  I have also written a history of the US in a fictional format for upper elementary and middle school students called American Tales; it is basically Howard Zinn's A People's History meets The Magic School Bus.  My volunteer activities over the years have included much coaching of kids' sports, working at a homeless breakfast weekly for 16 years, and now in retirement all kinds of things.  I have been involved in protests going back as far as against the war in Vietnam, and I am currently the vice chair of the San Juan County Democrats, whose platform is similar to the Greens and Bernie Sanders.  I am coordinating the signature gathering for I-735 in San Juan County; getting big money out of politics is the root change that has to happen before we can solve all the other big issues.



Mike HarnessMike_H.jpg

I was born in Northwest Montana and graduated from Montana State University, Billings with a BS degree in Sociology.  Inequality of the classes was a concern of mine, even back then. I wrote a paper in my Social Stratification class, “ Working Class America and the Unfair Exchange.” Inequality is even more of an issue now. I worked as a City Policeman in Polson, Montana as well as a Private Investigator in Idaho and Washington.  I ended up at Washington Mutual Bank working as a fraud investigator. After I figured out that Corporate America had no allegiance to anything except the bottom line and choose not to participate. 
I have realized that if conditions for the middle class were going to change for the better, it starts with me. If more people had this outlook, things would be changing for the better. It’s going to take a people’s movement reclaim a resemblance of our Democracy, so if you happened to be a person (which corporations are not) you need to get involved. Democracy is also a verb, so use it or lose.  “United We Stand”, “Divided We Fall” and we are slip sliding away.



jennifer_sprague_2015_Feb_5.jpgJennifer Sprague

"I worked on I-522 to label GMOs in our state in 2013.  Working on that campaign raised my awareness of how much money large corporations are spending locally (not just nationally) to influence our elections.  I was so angry when the corporate opponents of I-522 bought that election.  So, when the Yes on 522 campaign ended, I jumped into helping form a Move to Amend affiliate in Olympia, and last year I helped gather signatures for WAmend’s I-1329.  I am convinced that getting money out of politics and elections is at the root of ANY issue we care about – be it climate change, toxins in our food, air, water, healthcare, Big Pharma, etc., because the multinational corporations will fight anything that threatens their profits – at our expense!  We the People have forgotten our power.  I enjoy reminding Washingtonians that Americans have amended our country’s constitution before and we can do it again.  I am committed to doing everything I can to help get I-735 on the November 2016 ballot."



Mike Savoca

My wife and I moved to Washington state from the east coast the day after we got married almost 38 years ago. We built a log cabin on the high prairie near Rainier Washington and raised 3 children who are now adults. I became politically active in the anti war movement and civil rights movement of the 60s.  After the fascists killed John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and so many more people who worked so diligently for freedom and justice, I made a promise to myself to never give in…and never sell out.

History will record that our times, today, are the last chance, for society to restore "government of the people."  Unimaginable concentrations of wealth, power and technology, left unchecked, will destroy us because greed and the lust for power have no bounds.  We must regulate big money in the world of politics or we will be ruled by the tyranny of big money.

I work to pass Initiative-735 because it is the key that unlocks the door to every other great thing we want to do for the betterment of  all people and our planet. 



debbie.jpgDebbie Cantrell

From New England, in Bellingham for 30 years, run Environmental Consulting business with my husband. 3 kids, 3 grandkids, would rather garden than just about anything. I have been an activists since I found out our government was funding the death squads in El Salvador in the 80s. Work with Occupy Bellingham, WA Fair Trade Coalition, Backbone Campaign, and Move to Amend Whatcom, and Healthy Bellingham.





























































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