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For media inquiries, please contact Matthew Streib, WAmend communications director, at matthew@wamend.org or 509-987-5855.


Initiative 735 has been endorsed by:

The Columbian

The Tri-City Herald

The Tacoma News-Tribune

The Olympian

The Lewiston Tribune

The Seattle Medium

The Stranger


Kitsap Sun - Get Big Money Out of Elections With I-735

October 28, 2016

An editorial in favor of 725

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Seattle Gay News - We Need to Stop Big Money to Protect LGBTQ Rights

October 28, 2016

Pijper Day's letter to the editor

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KUOW - Are Boosters of that Citizens United Initiative Just Dreaming?

October 25, 2016


An examination of 735's lofty goals

Listen to the Piece

The Spokesman-Review - I-735 Will Take Power

October 23, 2016

Bill Miller of Spokane's letter to the editor

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Queen Anne News - 'Delayed Doesn’t Mean Denied, and the Only Way We Will Be Denied Is If People Give Up'

October 20, 2016

An interview with former Ohio state senator Nina Turner

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The Lewiston Tribune - Lighting a Candle Amid a Sea of 'Dark Money'

October 19, 2016

The Lewiston Tribune's endorsement of Initiative 735

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Peninsula Daily News - Vote for Initiative 735 to Get Big Money Out of Politics

October 16, 2006

Milton Patrie of Sequim's letter to the editor

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The News-Tribune - We endorse: Saying No to I-1464, Yes to I-735, Is Wise Road to Campaign Finance Reform

October 13, 2016

The News-Tribune's endorsement of Initiative 735.

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The Associated Press - Why It Matters: Money in Politics

October 13, 2016

Initiative 735 headlines this national article about the corrupting influence of Big Money in Elections

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5th District Democrats - I-735 and Citizens United

October 11, 2016

Volunteer Jonathan Tong of Kenmore discusses why 735 is important.

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The Skagit Valley Herald - Take a Stand Against Citizens United

October 9, 2016

Ken Winkes of Conway's letter to the editor

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The Columbian - In Our View: ‘Yes’ on Initiative 735

October 6, 2016

The Columbian's endorsement of Initiative 735.

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The Spokesman-Review - I-735 to Stymie Big Money

October 2, 2016

Bonnie Mager of Cheney's letter to the editor

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The Associated Press - Initiative Seeks to Get Big Money Out of Political Campaigns

October 1, 2016


The Associated Press covers Initiative 735 without interviewing any 735 volunteers.

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Tri-City Herald - Our Voice: Vote No on I-1464, I-1501; Yes on I-735

September 29, 2016


The Tri-City Herald's endorsement of Initiative 735.

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Skagit Valley Herald - Vote to Change Citizens United

September 29, 2016

Nancy Larsen of Anacortes's letter to the editor

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Cheney Free Press - Initiative 735 is Needed to Fix Campaign Finance Issues

September 29, 2016

Richard Baladament of Cheney's letter to the editor

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Northwest Asian Weekly - Vote Yes on Initiative 735

September 23, 2016

Jonathan Tong's letter to the editor

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The Spokesman Review - Get Corporate Money Out of Elections

September 19, 2016

Michael Bell of Nine Mile Falls' letter to the editor. 

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The Columbian - Leaders Don't Follow Will of People

September 12, 2016

Rodger Stevens of Vancouver's letter to the editor

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The Skagit Valley Herald - Vote to Help Reverse Citizens United

September 10, 2016

Dennis Parent of Mount Vernon's letter to the editor. Note: We will join 17 other states, not 16. 

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X-Ray in The Morning - David Cobb on Abolishing Corporate Personhood

August 30, 2016

Christine Alexander interviews David Cobb, a founder of Move to Amend.

Listen to the interview

The New York Times - Can the States Save American Democracy?

August 20, 2016


This populist backlash is in reaction to two monumental developments in 2010: the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling authorizing unlimited corporate campaign donations, and a Republican strategy to rig congressional districts. 

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KEXP's Mind Over Matters - Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution

July 28, 2016

Diane Horne interviews Matthew Streib, communications director for WAmend.

Listen to the Interview

KSVR's Speak Up! Speak Out! - I-735, Citizens Uniting to Get Big Money Out of Elections 

July 22, 2016

Jodie Buller interviews Maggie Sullivan, Skagit County co-coordinator for Initiative 735, and Matthew Streib, communications director for WAmend.

Listen to the Interview

Yes! Magazine - In New York, Republicans and Democrats Join Forces to Overturn Citizens United

June 29, 2016


Yes! Magazine compares anti-Citizens United movements in New York, Washington and California.

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Crosscut - Can Washington Get Big Money Out of Politics?

April 20, 2016


Crosscut's college intern compares I-735 and I-1464.

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The Seattle Times - Big-Money Politics Has Damaged our Democracy

February 8. 2016

An opinion piece by Bruce Speight of WashPIRG and Alice Woldt of Fix Democracy First.

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Secretary Wyman Certifies Citizens United I-735

January 26, 2016


Official blog post highlighting that I-735 will be on the November ballot.

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The PT Leader - Bending Over Backward to Get Big Money Out of Elections

January 13, 2016

Jefferson County signature collectors gather more than 7 times their share.

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Initiative Aims to Ask Washington Voters: Should We Treat Corporations as People in Election Spending? 

December 30, 2015

Backers of I-735 make a basic point: The public must first be heard if Congress is ever to do anything.

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The Seattle Times - Time to Stop Special-Interest Money Dominating Elections; I-735 Would Give Us All a Voice

November 23, 2015

Opinion piece by Jim Street, former Seattle City Council member and Superior Court judge.

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KTRW's Right Spokane Perspective - WAmend/I-735

September 2, 2015

Mike Fagan and Tim Benn interview Spokane volunteer Stacey Cossey about collecting signatures for Initiative 735

Listen to the Interview

The PT Leader - Money and Politics

September 2, 2015

The PT Leader published an editorial about why 735 is important

Read the Editorial











Local push to stop corporate campaign funding

WAmend, the Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution is the group behind the local petitioning effort, and the move to get signatures for a 2016 ballot initiative that would urge our members of Congress to get the Amendment process and our legislators to vote for the Amendment when it’s our turn to vote.

 Washington state initiative I-735 seeks signatures to stop corporations from GMO bullying through anti-personhood movement

One reason why corporations wield as much power as they do is because they essentially possess many of the same rights as people. When a corporate entity is viewed as a person by the law, it can pursue unlimited spending on important political issues, and this in turn disenfranchises actual citizens. Does anyone really believe that this constitutes a fair fight?


Reclaiming Democracy of, by and for the people — through Citizens’ Initiative 735

Ronna Loerch is a retired RN. She is an activist currently serving as a local co-captain in Move To Amend – Whatcom for the I-735 campaign. Since retirement, she works on local sovereignty issues and other campaigns to restore democracy. Contributing authors for this article are Marian Beddill, Debbie Cantrell and Stephen Gockley.

People sense that our nation’s political processes are overwhelmed by unrestricted and undisclosed contributions made by large corporations and very wealthy individuals. Many fear these contributions influence electoral campaigns, and the candidates who are elected then make policies and laws that serve the financial interests of powerful supporters to the detriment of ordinary people. In Whatcom County and Washington State, however, ordinary people are working hard to reverse this trend and restore political power to us, the public.

 Donna Starr "Backs Movement to Fight Citizens United 

Letter to the editor of the Bellingham Herald.

'Sign a petition and vote for I-735 to fight “Citizens United” control over commerce, our lives and our health.'

 Washington Volunteers Gather Signatures To Push For Overturning Citizens United Ruling

Pierce County Captain Diane Tilstra interviewed by Ashley Gross on KPLU 88.5 

Tilstra says she gathered signatures for a previous, similar measure and met a lot of people who seemed discouraged.

“They’d say to me, `This is a waste of time. I’m glad you’re doing it, but we’ll never get money out of politics,’” she said. “And I’d say, `Well, you know, you could be right, but I’m certainly not going to stand by and just let it happen.’”

Get big money out of politics

In the Herald of Everett, Gary McCaig reminds us that I-735 can help us fight unfair taxation.

WAMEND Campaign Director Gabe Meyer and Jo Rodman join Equal Time Radio hosts, 

Frank Blair and Traci Kelly,  to talk about a campaign to add Washington to a growing list of states to amend the constitution to eliminate Citizens United SCOTUS outrage and get part of the dirty money out of politics.  Skip to minute 26 to hear the interview with Gabe and Jo. 

Initiative 735 volunteers working to make sure ‘the small potatoes matter’

The Seattle Times had a great article by Danny Westneat about I-735 and WAmend.

Join the I-735 Movement 

Excellent letter to the editor from our Spokane County Co-Captain Stacy Cossey.

"Get big money out of elections and pass an amendment that says constitutional rights belong to individuals, not corporations"

I-735 Volunteer Christi Johnson!



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