Double Movie Feature in Vancouver

Double Feature!

The movies this month are to familiarize people with the issues addressed by ballot initiative I-735 to get the influence of big money out of political campaigns.

PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes is an entertaining documentary about the corrupting influence of money in politics featuring Robert Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Marianne Williamson, Noam Chomsky, Van Jones and more.  The film explores the status quo and offers a set of simple solutions we can all work on together to take back our representation in government.

Shadows of Democracy — a film ‘mash-up’ that includes segments from the documentaries “The Corporation”, “Shadows of Liberty”, and Move to Amend’s “Legalize Democracy”.

We are screening these two films to highlight the corrosive influence of large amounts of money in political campaigns and to support initiative I-735 to rid it from our system.  You will not find coverage of this important topic in the major media outlets because they benefit from its existence.

We will also have a Community Conversation about the movie Wednesday, September 21 at 6:00pm in the same venue with the same accommodations.

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See YOU at the movies!

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P.S. If you have already seen the movie or even if you haven't but are just interested in the topic, you are welcome to attend the Community Conversation the following week.


Pay to Play


September 15, 2016 at 5:30pm - 8pm
Cascade Park Library
600 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98684
United States
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Tiffani McCoy · · 206 547 9961

Will you come?


Joe Podorsek "I’m involved in Initiative 735 because the cost of elections means people are elected who do not represent my needs or the needs of the common good."
- Joe Podorsek, 84, retired Navy, Issaquah

Kaylee Mathews "I believe that everyone should have a voice, regardless of how much money they have, so I support Initiative 735."
- Kaylee Mathews, 22, massage therapist, Tacoma

Gary McCaig "I work on Initiative 735 because I love my great-grandchildren. Any change now, even a small change, will give them big benefits later."
- Gary McCaig, 67, retired, Lynnwood

Parker Muller "I volunteer for Initiative 735 because free and fair elections should be based off ideas and policies, not who has the bigger wallet."
- Parker Muller, 26, student, Richland

Maggie Sullivan "I support Initiative 735 because I want a political system where corporations can't buy politicians to do their bidding."
- Maggie Sullivan, 60, carpenter, Alger


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