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Friday, December 18th - Sunday, December 20th: 


Oh man we're excited about this: the biggest movie event of the year is our best chance to find long lines of local voters. Costumes are encouraged and we're happy to hook you up with one of the great masks we have. Every theater will have long lines, but we've got a few in mind that should be particularly good. Give Tom a call at 206.605.0122 to see which shows are still uncovered:

Cinerama (2100 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98121): The motherlode! This massive theater will have lines around the block (and is located in front of a busy bus stop, no less)! 

Kirkland Parkplace Cinema 6 (404 Park Place, Kirkland, WA, 98033): The lines from this theater are right on the street and easy pickings for our excellent volunteers. Give Tom a call to see which shifts are still available!

Ark Lodge Cinemas (4816 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98118): It's a smaller theater but the lines will be easily accessible as they snake outdoors. It's also very close to the Columbia City PCC, so you can hop over between shows! 

Admiral Theater (2343 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA, 98116): Much like Ark Lodge, it's a smaller cinema but its lines should be readily accessible on the sidewalk. We need some volunteers at this location

Regal Cinemas Issaquah Highlands 12 (Grand Ridge Plaza, 940 NE Park Dr, Issaquah, WA 98029): We need some volunteers to go scope the lines at this theater-- are they easily accessible?

Majestic Bay Theater (2044 NW Market St, Seattle, WA, 98107): This is a big theater and the lines should be on the sidewalks-- we've got a couple volunteers who are working shifts at the Majestic Bay, so give Tom a call to see which shows we need override. 


Great Locations for the rest of the year

SNOWFLAKE LANE fills up downtown Bellevue for a parade and holiday celebration every evening from here through December 24th. We suggest volunteers head down around 6:15 or 6:30 to pick up a sheet or two before the event begins at 7. A great option for nice weather. If you're interested in a partner give us a call!

The FAUNTLEROY FERRY DOCK fills up every day from 1-6 pm with lines of commuters. We still get about 20 signatures an hour from this location and it will only get busier as the holiday draws near. It's a great location for a comfortable volunteer-- grab the yellow safety vest from the dock workers and take several boards! 


Covered Locations for a Rainy Day

Bellevue Transit Center (10850 NE 6th St., Bellevue, WA, 98004)-- a real goldmine!! Bus riders from all over the county, constantly replenishing lines, and it's covered to boot! 

Shoreline Library (345 Northeast 175th Street, Shoreline, WA, 98155)-- a large awning and steady flow of people!

Greenlake PCC (450 71st St., Seattle, WA, 98115)-- one of our favorite and most consistent locations!

Fremont PCC (600 N 34th St, Seattle, WA, 98103)-- A great location, and right across the street from the Sunday market!

Kirkland Library (308 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, WA, 98033)-- A take a trip for this tried and true venue.

Federal Way Commons Mall-- we have hours at this mall through the end of the year! Call Tom (206.605.0122) to get on the schedule.

Northgate Mall-- we have hours at Northgate through the end of the year! Call Tom (206.605.0122) to get on the schedule.


Think there's something we should add or delete from this list? Let me know at

Statewide calendars of events:

NOTE: The events are listed on this page as opportunities for signature gathering. This should not be construed as a WAmend endorsement, support, or promotion for the people or ideas presented.













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Joe Podorsek "I’m involved in Initiative 735 because the cost of elections means people are elected who do not represent my needs or the needs of the common good."
- Joe Podorsek, 84, retired Navy, Issaquah

Kaylee Mathews "I believe that everyone should have a voice, regardless of how much money they have, so I support Initiative 735."
- Kaylee Mathews, 22, massage therapist, Tacoma

Gary McCaig "I work on Initiative 735 because I love my great-grandchildren. Any change now, even a small change, will give them big benefits later."
- Gary McCaig, 67, retired, Lynnwood

Parker Muller "I volunteer for Initiative 735 because free and fair elections should be based off ideas and policies, not who has the bigger wallet."
- Parker Muller, 26, student, Richland

Maggie Sullivan "I support Initiative 735 because I want a political system where corporations can't buy politicians to do their bidding."
- Maggie Sullivan, 60, carpenter, Alger


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