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The end of January, 2014, when the Washington Secretary of State have us an initiative number and finally approved our wording, we began collecting enough signatures to get the initiative on the November, 2014, Washington State ballot.

We only have until June 25 to get 300,000 signatures. We cannot pay signature gatherers. So we need hundreds of volunteers, people like you, across the state. We have to be out on the street, in front of markets, libraries, post offices…on ferries, and at public events like festivals and farmers markets, getting signatures on our petition.

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We need volunteers NOW for:

  • Recruiting signature gatherers
  • Gathering signatures on our petition – (Jan – June, 2014)
  • Outreach and publicity (bannering, writing letters to the editor, getting endorsements)
  • Posting/blogging social media
  • Making phone calls, entering data
  • Helping to raise funds

Don’t have time to gather signatures January to June?  Can you contribute $5.00 or more, to help print petitions and mail them to volunteers?