Initiative 735 needs your help!

We need your help to put Initiative 735 on the November 2016 ballot. You can help by requesting petitions and get family, friends and others to sign. We need 320,000 signatures of Washington voters by the end of the year to qualify I-735 for the November 2016 ballot.

The measure urges our state Congressional delegation and all members of Congress to propose a federal Constitutional amendment clarifying:

  • Constitutional rights belong only to individuals, not corporations;
  • Spending money is not free speech under the First Amendment;
  • Governments are empowered to regulate political contributions and expenditures to prevent undue influence; and
  • Political contributions and expenditures must be promptly disclosed to the public.

[ CLICK HERE for full text of the initiative]

WAmend volunteers have now collected over 217,740 signatures and signature gatherers working for Fix Democracy First for I-735 have collected an additional 12,249 signatures for a total of 230,039 signatures. A minimum of 246,372 valid signatures is needed to qualify an initiative. The Washington  Secretary of State recommends we  file enough additional signatures to cover a 20% invalid rate caused by duplicate signatures and people not registered to vote. That is why our goal is to collect 320,000 signatures, which would cover a 20% invalid rate. The deadline for us to file is 5 PM Dec. 31st in Olympia. We can meet this goal if everyone keeps working through the end of the year. We will keep this website updated with the most current number of signatures we have, so keep checking back.


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 As long as the oligarchs run government all the other problems we want fixed won’t be.